Suzanne Francis has been selling her paintings and prints in Philadelphia for 15 years. She has pursued interests in paper ephemera, pattern design, local history, horticulture, architecture, and miniature painting techniques. She finds the local landscapes, flora, and fauna, compelling.

“I believe that it is the Artist’s role to step in and help us gain a clearer picture of ourselves, our environment, and our place in time. I seek to reflect the story of Philadelphia; its founding, development, deindustrialization, urban flight, and urban revival. To show the 19th Century building in the 21st Century landscape; a survivor of the vulgarities and economic disparities that have ravaged our city and parks. Yet much survives, the sentiment expressed by the Victorians and ourselves, that our city would prosper and be a place of beauty, abides.

Having myself purchased and renovated an abandoned row-home, I have encountered the effect of the built human landscape and it connection to quality of life. Allowing myself to be geographically rooted rewarded me with an opportunity to reflect on Philadelphia’s seasons, landmarks, architecture, history, and to feel a part of that history. Baudelaire wrote of the ‘true painter’, who would be able to ‘Latch on to the epic character of the contemporary life and comprehend how great and epic we are...’. By choosing my surroundings as subjects for my art, I hope to prove myself worthy of that role.”

Suzanne continues to live and show in the Philadelphia area. She continues to sell work at affordable rates, and to fill commissions.